Correspondent Message
Dear Parents and Students, Hearty Greetings and best wishes to everyone.

I am extremely happy to share some of my ideologies with you through this page. As a person hailing from peasant family, I have experienced the difficulties of a common man. I know the basic needs of a men and the difficulties endured by the under privileged and down trodden. I do strongly believe that education is the only weapon which can pave the way for such people to uplift themselves.

SRI GNANAGURU VIDYALA MATRICULATION HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL. Through this institution, I have aimed at teaching patriotism, honesty, sincerity and devotion to duty. We should worship work, irrespective of its kind. Hard work will always reward the doer. I want to impart meaningful education with much stress to our Indian culture which is globally respected. "Character Based Quality Education" is our motto. SGV Matric. School will stand and serve ever to this motto.

I wish that children should learn the latest technologies with knowledge of application. English is the globally spoken language and fluency in English is a must for better job opportunities. Hence enough importance is given to teach effectively and to communicate in English fluently.

I have been taking effective steps to eradicate some of the evil practices in our society through this institution and the children of this school. I assure that SGV will serve ever with the same principles and zeal. I expect your kind co-operation to serve you in the best way.