About Us
About SGV
With the changing educational needs, we have launched SRI GNANAGURU VIDYALAYA Hi-Tech School following MATRIC Pattern. The school is situated in a hassle free environment at Tittagudi , Cuddalore district . The school is located in the Woody, fabulous surroundings with impressive self-contained infrastructure. The institutions are started with the aim of offering various value based programs that should match the global requirements. SRI GNANAGURU VIDYALAYA institutions are recognized for their special and unique teaching methodology and holistic approach towards education..
About Trust
SRI GNANAGURU VIDYALAYA were founded by the noble trustees of the Sri Guru Vaithiyanathasamy Trust. 42, Sivansannathi street,Tittagudi. The trustees include well experienced Teacher - Directors, Philanthropists and Pioneers in school management.
To impart knowledge in young minds to enhance their creative and physical skills and intellectual growth. Creating an environment to the child where not only understands the contemporary, but also make him prepare for tomorrow through continuous logical approach.
To achieve excellence in educational services through processed professional and intelligent approach.
Our Pride School
We are following sector best academic theories and practices in our school. We are following our internal “SRI GNANAGURU VIDYALAYA Advantage” educational policy and practice where we are nurturing potential and fostering excellence. We ensure education based on global standards with contemporary learning tools to achieve high academic standards.